Working For Us


SMR Chartered Professional Accountants consist of committed professional accountants who aim to bring incomparable levels of success to our clients. Each member of our team brings forth multidisciplinary and quality experience to the firm to ensure that our clients are receiving the range of services they need and deserve. Our extensive experience and range of services ensure that we as a team can help our clients solve their business problems.

FlexTime Network

At SMR we aim to provide a balance between professional and personal life. Our FlexTime Network comprises of a group of experienced individuals who support our client engagements on a flex-time basis across the year. One common thread connecting our people across the FlexTime Network is that they all want to stay current and connected to the profession, whether it is for a few days, weeks or months of the year. Accounting and Finance professionals have skill sets that by their nature are transferable, can benefit numerous companies and are not limited to business sectors and geographic locations. 

Why work for us 

  • Part of an elite team -

We attract, recruit, and hire only the best and brightest people to help solve challenges and provide quality service to our clients. Our Management team is highly qualified and has years of experience in the field of Accounting and Finance. Learning the trade directly from these experts would be very beneficial for those looking to build a successful career.

  • Innovation – 

We believe in trying new methods, pushing beyond already established norms, and standing out from the pack.

  • Career Growth – 

Opportunity is a major principle in our business. We strive to give each employee the opportunity to realize his or her full potential. Performance is valued, successes are celebrated and each member is made aware of how they are making a difference.

  • Flexibility – 

Our business model allows employees to maintain a perfect work-life balance. Benefits of flexible work schedules would include avoiding rush hour commutes, more control over time off, being able to attend to personal priorities.


If you are a candidate who is looking for a new career direction and is looking for opportunities for growth and success see what SMR has to offer.