Financial Investigation


The objective of conducting an investigation by us on behalf of our clients is to provide them with the desired information in the form of a report about the matter specified. Normally, the objective of each investigation is to collect, analyze and evaluate facts concerning a situation that the client is concerned with.


Some of the key reasons for investigations are:

  • Potential purchase of a business

  • Potential sale of business

  • Abnormally low profitability

  • Unusually high employee turnover

  • Lack of confidence concerning the reliability of business data

  • Potential investments in particular businesses or securities

  • A recent suspicion of fraudulent activity

  • Potential of joining an existing partnership business

  • A possible need to borrow funds

  • A consideration to lending funds

  • Proposed purchase of controlling shares in a company

  • Suspected misfeasance or malfeasance against directors

  • Detection of undisclosed income for tax purposes

  • Suspected misappropriation by trustees