Identifying Businesses for Purchase


Finding a business that is right for you is the key to its success. Should you start a new business or buy an existing one, thorough research and brainstorming are of key importance. We offer assistance in identifying new business opportunities and evaluating their future potential and risks.

New business opportunities

We are committed to determining what business suits you. Through an interview process, we become well-informed of your preferences and needs in order to match you with potential available business opportunities. A business idea may sound great in theory, yet fail in practice. To reduce the risk of that happening, we will assist you in monitoring the business activity.

Evaluating future potential and risks

Once a business has been identified, we consider the following for our evaluation: 

  • Why are the current owners selling the business?

  • What type of growth potential does the business have?

  • Through the review of financial statements and tax returns, is the business in sound financial condition?

  • If the business is in decline, can it be turned around?

  • Which is the better option, share or asset purchase?