Implementation of ERP Systems

It is critical for the success of your business to implement an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution to improve operations.


We will help you in choosing an ERP solution that meets your specific business requirements and enables you to have a smoother implementation. A well-designed implementation plan is the key to success. We

can assist you to:

  • Develop a project implementation team

  • Examine current business processes and information flow

  • Set objectives

  • Develop a project plan

  • Review software capabilities

  • Identify manual processes

  • Developing standard operating procedures

  • Convert data

  • Collect new data

  • Review all data input

  • Clean-up data

  • Pre-test the database

  • Verify testing

  • Train the trainer

  • Perform final testing

  • Develop a final Go-Live checklist

  • Evaluate the solution


In summary, we can assist you in setting-up reasonable goals and objectives, making project team members accountable for implementation, testing software across departments and evaluating the system to maximize the return on your investment.