SMR Recruitment Services

We are a consulting and accounting firm with extensive expertise in all finance-related activity in order to accomplish your needs successfully.

We specialize and fill roles in the accounting and finance sectors. We first gain an understanding of your business needs and then provide the appropriate talent. Whether your need is for short or long-term projects, flex time, contract or full-time employment, we have the talent for the best fit.

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise to facilitate your recruitment needs. We appreciate that the critical tasks of accounting and finance demand critical thinking as well as technical and functional knowledge to handle financial complexities, rapidly-changing regulations, and critical deadlines.


We provide the following services:


Permanent Placement Services

Are you looking for a full time permanent addition to your organization? We, not only source candidates from within our database, we also employ direct recruiting techniques to identify, screen, reach out and select the best candidates in your sector.


Contract Placement Services

You may have a need to adjust for seasonal peaks or require personnel with specific skillsets for special projects. We can provide you with the talent your organization requires on an as-needed basis, whether for a short or long-term assignment. When you partner with us, you can be confident that the contract employees we manage have been validated and comply with all your requirements. 

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO):

We help our clients with many of human resources functions in addition to Recruitment, for example, provide employee Payroll services along with most accounting tasks.  An employee payroll service would typically cost you less than hiring an additional employee to handle the payroll. Most companies prefer to outsource non-core activities to specialist providers to save time and money.

We offer complete, centralized payroll services that cover all administrative procedures, from data entry to direct deposit. Our payroll services are expertly managed and designed to increase efficiency, reduce paperwork, and suit your organization's specific requirements.


Our services include all government remittances and tax withholding's including Federal and Provincial Income Taxes, EI, CPP and EHT as well as all Workers Compensation premiums. T4 and ROE preparation are included in our convenient hourly bill rate.