Selling Your Business

Most business owners have little or no experience in selling a business. It can be quite a daunting and emotional experience.  To make sure that you get the best value for your business with the least effort on your part, our professionals will assist you through the entire process.


Your optimal strategy would be to obtain maximum business value while paying the least amount of tax. There are several possible options available under the Canadian tax laws and our team will be able to develop the best strategy based on your situation.


Here is how we can help you sell your business:

  • Updates your books to provide current financial information in order to determine potential growth 

  • Develop your projected cash flows and incorporate improvements after reviewing your revenue sources, overheads and expenses 

  • Consult with a business valuation expert to obtain an independent assessment and work with them to identify strategies that may improve your business value 

  • Develop a best suitable tax strategy 

  • Improve other elements of your business to increase its value

  • Determine the most optimal timing based on the business cycle 

  • Consult and negotiate with a business broker for best quality listing services at competitive rates

  • Develop your business future growth strategy and share it with the prospective buyers to focus on its bright future prospects

  • Provide the appropriate information and documentation required by the buyer's team