Controllership Services

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We see the function of accounting and finance as one of the business pillars, which if planned correctly, sets the course of direction and ensures flawless future growth.

For any small to medium-sized business where the accounting and finance function is not considered a core competency, seeking our help to provide our Controllership or CFO services can be a highly effective strategy. We can act as your strategic partner on a flexible time basis best suited to your assessed needs. This strategy will provide you with an edge similar to a large multinational business, with best-in-class Controllership or CFO services at a fraction of the cost.

Our seasoned experienced professionals and associates have years of experience in the field and have a proven track record working as Heads of Finance, CFOs and Controllers in multi-disciplinary industries. We have the required skills and expertise to help you on a flex-time basis to meet your business needs.

We can also evaluate your current accounting and finance department, realign its resources to meet your business needs, and introduce cost savings while improving the efficiency and effectiveness.

We will come to your location, interact with your staff and be available to answer questions on your schedule. We design our services to meet your needs and time frame. Our team is available to assist you for as long as you may require. You may alter the frequency of our visits based on the changes in your business needs.

Professional Accountants Ontario

Key Controllership or CFO services offered by us:

  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and development of action plans
  • Design and implementation of policies and procedures to meet corporate objectives
  • Advisory on development, analysis and review of KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Implement controls to reduce the risk of potential frauds and errors
  • Financial performance analysis and reviews
  • ERP evaluation for its effectiveness at providing information for informed decision making
  • Oversight of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll functions
  • Timely and accurate financial reporting and analysis
  • Ensure maintenance of an adequate accounting system
  • Financial planning, budgeting and cash flow management
  • Inventory management processes and controls
  • Financial forecasts required by your financial institutions
  • Identify and implement cost savings opportunities
  • Refine or implement processes to increase profit
  • Reduce your overall accounting department cost and audit fees

Here are some questions for you to evaluate if you need our services:

  • Are you a current business owner who is responsible for all functions, but would rather focus on your main skills?
  • Have you stretched the cost of your accounting staff to the limit but have not reached your expectations?
  • Do you feel a need to control your business costs and improve the effectiveness of its internal controls and processes?
  • Do you have an annual audit or a review requirement and have been charged high fees as your current staff is constrained due to workload?
  • Are you having difficulty with timely reporting to banks and other institutions?
  • Do you intend to grow your business, but are unsure if there is sufficient cash flow to meet business obligations?
  • Do you feel difficulty in managing your business cash flows?
  • Are you considering financing from a bank or another investor?

Please contact us, if the answer to any of the questions above is "Yes" and you would require an effective solution.