Business Registration Services

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When you are starting a new business, the first decision is determining the business structure that is most appropriate for your organization. There are essentially four forms of business ownership in Canada: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation and the Cooperative.

We will help you to identify the most appropriate form of business, based on your needs. We will also assist you in the process of business registration, including registration for HST, payroll, import/export for trade and WSIB.

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List of services:

  • New business set up
  • Incorporation services
  • Share structure
  • Annual filings
  • Corporate minute book services
  • Set up Holding Company
  • RC1 – Request for Business Number
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Dissolution and closing down of corporation

Main advantages and disadvantages of each of these forms of business ownership:

The Sole Proprietorship


  • Easiest form to set up
  • Owner solely controls the business


  • Unlimited liability
  • Can be hard to raise capital

The Corporation


  • Limited liability
  • Easier to raise capital


  • Most expensive form of business to set up
  • Involves extensive paperwork

The Partnership


  • Shared risk
  • Shared management


  • Risk of conflict between partners
  • Shared decision making

The Cooperative


  • Owned and controlled by its members
  • Limited liability


  • Decision making can be slow
  • Risk of conflict between members

Incorporation creates a distinct legal entity separate from its shareholders/owners. Limited liability is one of the primary reasons that businesses prefer incorporation. The shareholders are generally not personally liable for the company's debts, obligations, or other acts. A shareholder is only liable for the unpaid portion of shares owned. Businesses can be incorporated provincially, giving a company the right to operate in a particular province. Federal incorporation allows a company the right to operate throughout Canada.