Business Plan Development

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We will help you prepare a long-term strategic business plan, projecting your business financial needs and future performance. Preparing your plan and accompanying financial data can be time consuming and requires special skills, due to the dynamic nature of the economic environment.

We will prepare your business plan and projected financial statements to determine if it will generate an adequate return in a reasonable amount of time. The plan and financial projections will show how the business will use the funds and how will it perform in the long term.

Professional Accountants Ontario

Determining financial needs:

The business financial plan will help you determine how much funds you will need for working capital (for day-to-day and month-to-month operating costs), fixed costs (for equipment, buildings, etc.), special marketing costs (for advertising, promotions, etc.) and a financing cushion.

Projecting performance:

The business plan will be based on the realistic future market conditions, working capital needs, production capacity and human resources consistent with the level of growth in line with current economic conditions. The business plan will include the annual projections for a period of 1 to 5 years, a detailed monthly cash flow budget for the first year and sensitivity analyses of the projections under different scenarios.