Personal Tax Services

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Our team and associates provides income tax planning that will help your company, and your family minimize taxes at a time when our government’s legislation is becoming incredibly complex.

Sole Proprietor or Partnership Personal Tax Return

A sole proprietorship is a non-incorporated business entirely owned by one person that is run in the hope of obtaining a profit. A partnership is usually the relationship between persons who conduct a business in common in the hope of obtaining a profit.

(REMEMBER! When you are filing a sole proprietor or partnership business activities, this information is filed on your personal tax return. You have up until June 15th to file your return along with your spouse, however, be careful if you owe tax as this has to be paid by April 30th.)

Property Rental Tax Return

Our team will prepare all rental tax returns for you or your company. There are some limitations in compiling this information and you should make sure you are fully aware of these. We prepare many rental property tax returns so be sure to give us a call at tax time!

Professional Accountants Ontario
  • Ongoing tax planning
  • Personal income tax filing (T1)
  • Sole proprietorship/Business tax filing (T2125)
  • Estate and Trust tax services (T3)
  • Real Estate Rental Income (T776)
  • US taxes and US rental income
  • CRA representation